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PPC Search Engine Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a way to generate instant traffic to your site, by bidding on keywords that relate to your site topic you can have the right kind of visitors on your website . The more you bid the higher in the rankings you will appear.
There are currently over 250 PPC search engines. Here are few of the famous and greatly in use PPC Search engines
Google Adwords
Google adwords is a hugly favorite PPC solution now a days. It is easy to use and can result in very high volumes of traffic. Instead of bidding singularly on keywords Google allows you to set a budget for the whole campaign and I think it works really well.
Bidding on targeted traffic for your site can be quite expensive at Overture as they are the most popular of the PPC Search engines. However the resulting traffic if you can afford it, will be greater than any other PPC search engine.
FindWhat is a PPC solution with a large partner network of high-traffic websites in which to drive traffic to your site, including large search engines such as CNET’s, Excite, Webcrawler, MetaCrawler and Dogpile. You can start an account for as little as $25.
7 Search
7Search results appear in over 35% of the top 150 search engines. They offer advertisers an immediate e-mail notification when you are outbid for the top ranking on a keyword, a keyword generator tool with no. of searches, plus much more.
Kanoodle is very similar to to 7Search and has a partner network of websites that drive traffic to your site, such as: NetZero, DogPile, CNET, Metacrawler
Espotting is also one of the famous and emerging pay per click search engine and lot of people are placing more and more bids on it these days.
IDoFind is a Pay Per Click Search Engine provides Pay Per Click Advertising , Pay Per Click Marketing, PPC Search Engine Advertising solutions for online advertisers, Pay Per Click Leads , Placement, Ranking, Listings and Pay Per Click Affilate programs for Webmaster

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