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What is Search Engine Spam?

What is Search Engine Spam?
Most affiliate sites, multiple links to the same site, websites that links to sites, anyspam sites which promote violence, and sites which violate international laws may be classified as spam.

Below is a comprehensive list of what’s considered spam for search engine and web directory.

1. Multiple links to the same site,spam sites or websites that links to adult.
2. Multiple submissions using different URL’s, either unique or variations of one URL.
3. Redirected sites including sites that redirect the main page and sites that redirect by clicking on any of the links on the main page.
4. All affiliate, associate and authorized vendor or distributor websites.
5. Hidden service website, the main page will display something totally different from what you get from the links. “Cloaked Page”
6. Websites uniquely different with unique URL’s but offering the same links or service. “Getting very popular and hard to detect”
7. Excessive banners or popup advertising “over 1/3 of page displayed has banners or over 2 popup’s on a single page”. This includes the now frequently used load behind pages.
8. Java bomb pages. Sites that load a page or pages every time you close a page. “Mostly used in adult sites”
9. Sites that offer no original content. An example is a chat website that has no chatrooms of it’s own and redirects to other chat services. “The purpose of a site like this is normally to collect banner hits.”
10. Sites that promote violence or hate and sites that violate international laws.
11. Websites that automatically change or try to change the users computer settings. “ Auto download, make this your home page, and dial a phone number are the most popular.
12. Single page site for domain hosting

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